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Shenzhen Delong Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
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주요 제품:리튬 이온 배터리/LifePO4 배터리/에너지 저장 배터리/전원 배터리/휴대용 발전소
No. 2 에너지 저장 컨테이너 부문 가장 인기 있는Quality management certifiedMulti-Language capability: Years in industry(11)Patents awarded (2)

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Perfect product as ordered

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    Hi Peter , glad to hear that you are satisfied with our product , many thanks for your support ! Hope we can do more business in the future ! Iris Qin Mobile : +86 15818563390
    29 May 2024
    Very satisfied with the Company and its support. Communication is really good and always available with fast response time. They are competent in answering technical questions as they have their team of engineers to enquiry. But what I found extremely good / above the average is the support in resolving an issue that we had during shipping / delivery. The Company stepped up and did a great job in solving the issue, and for me this is the most important aspect of the trade and what I have appreciated the most from this company. I will do business again with them.
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